Kyrgyzstan travel in the winter time

As is well known Kyrgyzstan is a country of beautiful nature and high mountains. It has a lot of resorts, for professionals and for beginners. You can find a large number of rental sports equipment, inventory.

This season we ride on the bases near the capital, but if you have more time, then go relax in Karakol (around 4 hours from Bishkek). You can enjoy the beautiful nature, ride at an elevation of over 2-2,5 thousand meters and live in an excellent hotel or hostel, and make new friends!

Our hotel was wonderful, the rooms beautiful, spacious, with good kitchen, amazing and friendly people.


My impression from the mountains: slopes are wide, smooth, without hillocks and plenty of snow. My friends snowboarders were really happy!

Ski season is from December to the end of March and the best time for skiing are February and March. By the way if you are thinking of hiking or skiing in summer, Kyrgyzstan mountains will be the best destination, even in summer, cause some slopes and peaks are covered by snow and for those who like to ride on the freeride there is a possibility of getting to the slopes by helicopter or car.

Inside of the Kyrgyz yurt

This summer I was lucky to live in the dwelling of the nomads – Kyrgyz yurt.

This round home combines the kitchen, dining room, living room and bedroom. Incredible, it has all for the life – you can sleep, eat, work, play and live under one tunduk. The yurt can live 6-7 people and more.

If you are traveling through Kyrgyzstan there is no doubt want to stay on the road to rest in a yurt and try kumys and lepeshka (bread). How does it work? I invite you to watch the video about this interesting process.

Also, it seems that being in a yurt you get closer to nature and people.

Redang Island

If you were to ask about the best beach with the clearest water in the whole world, I would say go to Malaysia! Because this is where the most beautiful island that I have ever seen is located!

Redang is not the biggest island you will find among dozens of others in the country. However, its conditions, incredible beauty both around and under water make people chose it above the rest.

By the way, under water world is absolutely another topic, another adventure! The richness of water with colorful fish and nature will just leave you breathless. I was even so touched by one moment that keep telling it to everyone! You will be the next to read about it soon!

IN the beach

Today we will check out what is going on inside the indoor beaches, like the one in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The ones, who have been there had only positive feedbacks, describing how much they enjoyed not only from the pleasant sea water and Maldivian sand, but also the calming music and yummy drinks around! What else could they need for an absolute happiness, huh!?

In the video below, you will see same type of beach but in another place. As it is said, the resort is located in Germany and is said to be the largest indoor beach in the whole Europe! Intriguing? Then what are you waiting for? :)



Summer All Year!

I thought that this kind of place is a must-visit or at least a must-know-about! Just in case, if you will not be able to find time for spending summer vacation on the beaches and get free only later when it gets cold, then get ready to explore this place with me!

First direction from me is to head towards Kazakhstan! Because this is where you will be able to see one and only indoor beach, probably in Central Asia!

Just imagine lying on the sands from Maldives and salty water from the sea while it is snowing heavily outside! Definitely, this must be way more exciting than usual beach vacations!

What to do in IK?

Nice question, isn’t? Because people are already tired of visiting typical beaches, where there is nothing to do other than just swimming and getting sunburn. No worries, Issyk Kul is not that boring!

Besides perfect water condition and gorgeous scenery around, most of the beaches by this lake offer variety of activities for the visitors to do. For those, who love extreme on the water, there are fun rides, including “Banana”!

If you get tired of being wet all the time, then there is something even more fun and extreme. That is paragliding above the lake!

Are you saying, Oh no! Put me back to the ground?! Then just go for classical rides, such as rollercoasters! As a result, discover every chance to be satisfied and have much fun in summer, in Issyk Kul!

Wedding by Issyk Kul!

After the brief introduction about Issyk Kul, I was today planning to share a nice video tour of the place, which demonstrates the beaches and typical activities done by the visitors. However, after discovering this material, I changed my mind: it has much more details on true grace of the lake.

What makes it even more unique and attractive is the sweetness and beauty of the young couple, who decided to start their new lives with crystal clearness of Issyk Kul and heavenly blue sky! Let and enjoy and wish them happiness at the same time!

Summer in Kyrgyzstan

I can’t believe that we finally have a right to relax for real after the studies and exams, which seemed to have no end! Definitely, the main question that interested me at the first place is the eprfect destination for summer vacations in Kyrgyzstan.

The local friends anwered it faster than I thought with so much pride. That was the lake of Issyk Kul.

Issyk Kul is really the pride, precious treasure and the hottest touristic spot of this country. It is well-known as the largest alpine lake after Titikaka in the world. Since it is located in such a small country, it is not yet as polluted as the world’s famous beaches. So, we have a chance to swim in the crystal clear lake this summer!

Live Tour

Hello, friends! Here is a bonus for you from Ala Archa topic: we will now travel to the place virtually with the beautiful and breathtaking video below.

I realize that a thousand words are not worth just one look, so why not to apply this saying here as well!? I loved the last minutes of the video especially… Why? Well, let me go ahead and let you guys find out, why it is my favorite part! :)

Ala Archa

I guess you guys have noticed something from the beautiful video last time: Kyrgyzstan is very rich with mountains, valleys, fresh green pastures and other natural beauties. I have to say that the video has absolutely no special effects, everything was captured just as it is.

Recently myself witnessed one of those places. My local friends took me to one of the most popular destinations for family and friend picnics – Ala Archa gorge. I must say that when we arrived there, I saaw nothing that special. However, when we went further into the woods and went higher, it started taking my breath away!

The woods gave a feeling of finding myself in wonderland and the river flowing nearby added so much life to that world. After about an hour of trekking, we even found a beautiful waterfall, where did not miss the chance of taking photos either!